2018 Schedule

Race #1: May 11-12, Gateway Raceway [Nostalgia Rendezvous]
Race #2: June 8-9, Eddyville Raceway [Mid-West Nostalgia Nationals]
Race #3: July 27-28, Cordova Raceway [Door Warz]
Race #4: August 3-4, Gateway Raceway [Street Car Super Nationals]
Race #5: August 24-25, Cordova Raceway [World Series Of Drag Racing]
Race #6: September 14-15, Gateway Raceway [Mopar Race & Victory NSS Finals]

Non-Points Race: September 21-23, Indianapolis Raceway [NSS All Star Race & NMCA Finals]

2017 Schedule 

Points Race #1 : St. Louis [Nostalgia Rendezvous] May 12th & 13th. [Signed]
Points Race #2: Eddyville [Nostalgia Race] June 9th & 10th. [Signed]
Points Race #3: Cedar Falls [Nitro F/C & NSS Race] July 14th & 15th. 
Points Race #4: St. Louis [Street Car Super Nationals] August 4th & 5th. [Signed]
Points Race #5: Cordova [?????] August 25th & 26th.
Points Race #6 [Finals]: Indianapolis [NMCA Finals & NSS All Star Race] September 22-24 [Signed]

Race #2 and #5 are tentative, but I hope to have the Schedule finalized by Jan. 1st. Make your plans now.

2016 Victory NSS Schedule

May 6th & 7th: Gateway [St.Louis] Nitro Rendezvous [Points Race #1]

June 10th & 11th: Eddyville Raceway Nostalgia Race [Points Race #2] Sunday 12th Rain Date

June 24th, 25th & 26th: Indianapolis NMCA/Victory NSS Shoot-out [Non-Points Race]

July 29th, 30th: Cordova Raceway Door Wars [Points Race #3]

August 26th, 27th: Gateway [St. Louis] Street Car Super Nationals [Points Race #4]

September 10th & 11th: Byron Raceway Buick/Olds/Pontiac Weekend and Victory NSS [Points Race #5]

October 1st & 2nd: Gateway [St. Louis] Return of Mopar to Gateway [Points Race #6, Finals]

2015 Victory NSS Series Schedule

 Click on 2014 schedule track names for directions

May 8th & 9th Gateway Motorsports Park “Nostalgia Rendezvous”

June 12th & 13th Eddyville Raceway Park “Midwest Nostalgia Nationals”

July 24th & 25th Cordova International Raceway “Super Stocks Invade Cordova”

August 28th & 29th Cordova Intern. Raceway “ World Series of Drag Racing”

September 12th & 13th Gateway Motorsports Park “UBDRA Race”

October 3rd & 4th Byron Dragway “World Power Wheel Stand Championship”

2014 Victory NSS Schedule

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May 9th and 10th – Gateway Motorsports Park [Madison, Illinois]

June 7th and 8th – Tri State Raceway [Earlville, Iowa]

July 5th and 6th – Eddyville Raceway Park [Eddyville, Iowa]

August 22nd and 23rd -Cordova Dragway Park [Cordova, Illinois]

September 13th and 14th – Gateway Motorsports Park [Madison, Illinois]

October 4th and 5th – Byron Dragway [Byron, Illinois]