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 Russ Behrens, 2012 Victory Champion

 I grew up in a Chrysler dealership my parents bought in 1957 small town deal, got interested in drag racing in the mid 60's  when my dad took my brother an I to the international auto show in Chicago, there I got to meet Sox and Martin near the Chrysler display, and I was hooked, read every magazine I could get about hot cars, started bracket racing around 1973 an quit for awhile around 1996 when my dad passed away cause I had to learn more about the business end of the dealership.  built several street cars in that time and  started racing again around 2002-3 not serious just once in a while.  The nostalgia thing was getting more of a following and looked like something I'd like to do ,  so  here  we are still doing and having a great time. Couldn't have done this  with out the support of my  wife Joanne and kids which came along quite a bit  when they were younger. there's  more stories between the lines but we're  trying to keep this short.

Russ' Car:

1967 Plymouth belvedere 1 two door sedan,   bought the car in  Birmingham Al  was running 6cyl auto rust free ,  I built it as a  street  hemi clone car  ,  then along came N/ss  and it  slowly  got turned into the  race car it is now.  All  steel  except front bumper,  super stock  bucket seats ,  full cage, real glass,  not  tubbed,  9in tire,  4.10 dana , Strange axles and spool ,  was  cal tracs and springs , now  since changed over to ladder bars this winter,  motor is a  472 cu. in.  I built , stock 1966 block , 12.8 comp,  670 roller cam,  alum heads by Jeff (RIP) at modern cyl heads, hooker headers,  727 I built,  turbo action J  converter , 10 gal fuel cell,  aero motive fuel pump,  has run high 9's at 138mph