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Shaun has been interested in fast, fun cars since he was 14 years old and first started racing in 2013.  One of Shaun's first cars was a 340 Duster he had at 16.  Wow, we all might be jealous about that. 

 Shaun started racing with Victory NSS in 2015, with his first race at St. Louis.  Dad, Doug Johnston has been his constant supporter and crew chief since then.  And always has mom, Lucy,  and  girl friend Martha as his support crew.  And we all know how much a great support crew can do for us racers.

Shaun has had a number of Mopars in his stable of fun, and races a 66 Plymouth Satellite, and is currently working on a '72 Cuda in his spare time.

Shaun explained his 2022 championship year:

At the first race of the year, Dennis Mothershed told Shaun he would be wining the Victory Championship jacket that season, and that did come true.  Pretty neat prediction there.

 Shaun stated his goal for 2022 was to earn as many qualifying points as he could.  In past years, finishing in second place several times, he had earned very few qualifying points, and as he said, "I definitely know how to finish second".   So, his goal was more qualifying points, lets go for a real first place here this year.  

First race of the year was at St. Louis, he won it all, taking Bob Lantero out in the final.  Shaun states "the hardest part of racing is racing and beating friends".  Well, we will all agree to that, and that is particularly hard in Victory, as we are more of a family gang than just friends.  The season is off to a great start.

At Cordova,  Shaun lost in the second round to 'Scrap Iron' Don Bruemmer, with a red light, but he still had the points lead here.

Race 3, at Eddyville. Lost in first round to Tom Hoffman.  "If you want to win a championship, drawing Tom Hoffman in the first round is not a good formula".  At this race, Shaun is no longer points leader.

Race 4, at St. Louis.  Shaun runnered up to Derek Strait and "Large Marge racing".  Derek wins his first Victory Race. But, this was a great week end for Shaun.  "It was a great night and I got a lot of points, and losing to a friend is sometimes easier".  This race puts Shaun back in the points lead.

Race 5, at Eddyville.  Shaun has another great race and is runner up to  John Hamer.  "I had another great race, runner up to John Hamer.  I was extremely happy I took back the points lead and John got a win after a terrible season.  Sometimes losing is more fun!  Go figure".

Final race, at Cordova.  Shaun says "I had a great racer, Drew Beale in the first round.  Drew cut an almost perfect light on me and I was done first round.  Now, all I can do is agonize for the next rounds.  But, it turned out it was my time to win."

"It is good to be champ, hopefully every racer can have that moment.  It's tough to keep a racecar operating properly though a season, and my father is a huge part of that.  I'm just glad we could accomplish that goal together"

I think Shaun's description of his year also tells what a great person and great team member he is.  We are glad his team is with the Victory Nostalgia Super Stock race team!